MaRDA Anual Meeting Invitation

Dear MaterialDigital Members,

As a member of both communities I would like to invite you to the Materials Research Data Alliance (MaRDA) Annual Meeting.

Materials Research Data Alliance Annual Meeting (Virtual Format)

February 22-24; 1:00-4:30 ET

Link to Agenda and Registration Page

MaRDA2022 provides a deep dive into the revised MGI Strategic Plan (“MGI 2.0”) and includes ~3.5 hours of expert presentations, panel discussions, and working group reports each day. This year’s meeting will host a student poster session with awards for posters that best exemplify MGI approaches to materials discovery and design. Participants are welcome to attend any or all days. Registration and membership in MaRDA is free and open to all materials data stakeholders interested in the mission of MaRDA. More information will be available by the end of January at

The MaRDA Mission: The Materials Research Data Alliance (MaRDA) is a community-led network focused on connecting and integrating U.S. materials research data infrastructure to realize the promise of open, accessible, and interoperable materials data. Each of these elements are aligned with the goals of the Materials Genome Initiative (MGI). MaRDA provides a platform that promotes the convergence of ideas, people, data, and tools to accelerate discovery, enable new insights into materials mechanisms, and lay the foundation for both human-centered and artificial intelligence-assisted approaches to materials design. MaRDA is governed by an elected council that promotes the interests of materials data researchers nationally and internationally, and coordinates the efforts of MaRDA.

Meeting Co-Chairs: Dr. Olga Wodo (University at Buffalo), Dr. Maria Chan (Argonne National Laboratory), and Dr. Zachary Trautt (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

MaRDA Governance Council: https: / /www . marda-alliance .org /governance/

3 „Gefällt mir“

Thank you @alexandru for sharing this important event. I have just added it to our event website, where we try to gather relevant events related to the digitalization of materials. This is of course easier with the input from the experts from all PMD specific fields and projects, so thank you again🙂

If you or any other colleague attend this meeting (I think I will attend it, at least partly), we would be happy if you share any feedback/comment on how it was (or, e.g., to the slides from the event, if available). In that way, other PMD members, including future members, will also benefit from the event. This will be especially useful for this meeting, which takes place from 13 to 16:30 EST (19 to 22:30 ECT😅). That information can be shared here or in our GitLab (I can do it there), or both.

Kind regards, Luis from the community-interaction workgroup