OntoCommons expert group meeting on material science

The OncoCommons (ontocommons.eu) expert group meeting on materials science invites international experts and practitioners from various fields of materials science in order to determine requirements for domain specific ontologies. It is the largest event of this type, and I kindly invite members of this community to join.

The meeting will be held on Thursday 10th February, at 15:00 CET (meeting details below and other time zones here).

You are very welcome to provide your comments and suggestions beforehand to the document under: Material Science.xlsx - Google Tabellen

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Thank you @alexandru for making the community aware of this important event!
I can only see the excel table in your post, and it is shared in view-only mode; did you want it like that?
Is this table what you referred to as meeting details? Or do you have, for instance, also a link to the event?

If you or any colleague from the ontologies workgroup attend this meeting, we would be happy if you share any feedback/comment on how it was (or, e.g., to the slides from the event, if available). In that way, other PMD members, including future members, will also benefit from the event. That information can be shared here or in our GitLab (I can do it there), or both.

Kind regards, Luis from the community-interaction workgroup

PD. We try to gather relevant events related to the digitalization of materials on our event website. You are welcome to visit it :slightly_smiling_face:. We will also add this event there.