PMD core ontology: missing hasQuantitativeValueOutput/Input relations

To create our application ontology for pyiron workflows, we are trying to map our pyiron ontology to pmdco, with creating sub-classes of pmdco.
In this process, we are confused about how to define relations: hasQuantitativeValueInput and hasQuantitativeValueOutput. They have domain as QuantitativeValue, and range as Simulation Process.
There are two available objection relation in pmdco:

  • hasSecondaryQuantitativeMeasurement
  • hasOutputObject /hasInputObject

But based on the domain and range specified for the above options, it is not clear for us which to use.
There might need to rethink about these relations!
I appreciate if someone from the ontology team could give us feedback.

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Perhaps @henkbirkholz and @danilo.dessi or @mehwish.alam have an idea? We could also tagg the AM and POs of the groups @markus.schilling @bernd.bayerlein @nadine.golowin @Christoph.Schweizer

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Hi Muhammad,

let’s start with an assumption of what might be the direct answer to an implicit question.

We are assuming that you are looking for object properties that are not missing – just named differently:

‚hasQuantitativeValueInput‘ → ‚hasQuantitativeNominalParameter‘
‚hasQuantitativeValueOutput‘ → ‚hasQuantitativeMeasurement‘ XOR ‚hasQuantitativeSecondaryMeasurement‘

The super-class/parent of both of these is:


The taxonomy in some more detail:

    hasQuantitativeNominalParameter         ; --> (domain=Process; range=QuantityValue)
    hasQuantitativeMeasurement              ; --> (domain=Process; range=QuantityValue)

Does that help and address your question at least partially? Let’s start from here. Maybe we can establish a bit more context.

Viele Grüße,

the IWT Onto-Team

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thanks @henkbirkholz for your response. I will discuss your suggestion in the discovery 2 meeting tomorrow and I will respond back to you.

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Hello @henkbirkholz,
thanks for your detailed response. I discussed your suggested ObjectRelations within our group. The issue is that we are looking for an input/ouput relation between our parameters (mostly numerical values in the form of single value or a list) and simulations (which is subclass of process). And unfortunately, the definition hasQuantitativeParameter or hasQuantitativeMeasurement might not convey this relationship. This might be a fit as a separate ObjectRelation in the pmd core ontology.

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