User Story LeBeDigital

User story of LeBeDigital project

  • Optimize the production paramters of precast concrete based on a simulation.

  • Choose paramters and constraints for which the precast concrete part should be optimized, e.g. optimize time until removal of formework, without generating cracks due to shrinkage.

  • Calibrate material simulation based on experimental data, including an uncertanty prediction.

  • Suggest missing experimental data when results appear unreliable.

  • Keep results up to date when new information is included.

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It is nice that simulation and experiment are closely connected here. Do I understand correctly that you have two classes of „experimental data“? Those used for calibration are probably not belonging to the same class as those „missing experimental data“ that are suggested when results are unreliable?

This distinction is not on the level of the exp. data. This is just for the queries used in the analysis (calibration and then prediction or optimization using the calibrated model). So if this workflow is executed for the first time, the original/existing data is used. And this might lead to optimal parameters for the next experiment to be performed. If you then add another experiment (potentially the proposed one), then you could rerun the workflow and in this case the query would return old+new. This can then be repeated in an iterative way.